Local Technology News

The nation’s first college of emergency preparedness, homeland security and cybersecurity at UAlbany is attracting many more students than expected.

San Francisco’s Startup-in-Residence Program (STiR) embeds fledgling technology companies inside government to solve public-sector problems has reached a plateau  by looking to expand into other cities across North America as a non-profit tech organization transitions into leading the program.

AlbanyCanCode held a celebration at the Apple Store to show off its success during its initial year.

Simon Bilant from RPI, a formally associated with BullEx which started as a student project at RPI described the success of BullEx and how it succeeded.

Provides notice of the next BizLab-Clarkson Lunchtime Entrepreneurship Series event on September 21, 2017. The speaker will be Dan Pickett, CEO of nfrastructure Technologies which designs and builds computer networks and data centers.

Northeastern New York Health Innovation Summit will hold its health summit in Saratoga Springs on August 11, 2017.

Check out  the state of the silicon prairie report. It would be nice to see this kind of report done for the Capital Region. (clipping from the report: Lincoln has come in fourth on the first-ever ranking of “Silicon Prairie” cities. Silicon Prairie News, an Omaha-based website that covers the startup scene in Nebraska and … Read More »

Cornell Center for Material Research gives registration deadline for its jump start program which begins in September 2017.

Under writing and volunteer interns

Under writing support for Capchips will be appreciated. Also, volunteer interns are also welcome. Interning is a great way to learn first hand about the tech community and its key players in this region. To find out about underwriting or about interning contact pmbray@aol.com or call 518 472 1772.

Special Places

Historic Albany Foundation Protects Historic City

The Historic Albany Foundation is Albany's historic preservation organization which actively organizes the citizenry of Albany to preserve the important historic assets of the City of Albany, one of the first cities in the New World.

Columbia County Land Trust

Columbia County is situated southeast of Albany, stretching roughly from Kinderhook and Stuyvesant in the northwest corner down to Ancram in the southeast. Rich in agricultural heritage and natural beauty, it is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes. There’s hiking, fishing, bird watching, boating and a great deal of scenic open space, habitat and diverse ecosystems. The Columbia Land Conservancy (CLC) is dedicated to ensuring that these qualities endure.

About This Website

The historic, scenic and artistically creative Capital Region was one of the birth places of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century. Today it is emerging as a dynamic center of tech innovation and entrepreneurialism. It has in a variety of communities and in diverse sectors including IT, nanotechnology/semiconductors/bio/life sciences and energy security.

Cap Chip web site is going to make available to the public timely and interesting information on emerging technology, startups, tech leaders and tech’s dynamic impact on our communities and the region’s economy. It will help readers to understand the dynamics of tech development, environment and community life and welfare.