From the Editor

Antonio Civitella, owner of transfinder in Schenectady, honored as “Technology Trailbrazer” during the 21st Annual Technology Awards. This is a well deserved honor for many reasons. Civitella’s company employes 100 people and serves 1,7000 school districts in 47 states. In 2016 Transfinder became an international firm with its first foreign office in Shanghai. He is also doing a great service to Schenectady constructing a first class office building on the block with Proctors Theater and establishing the NY BizLab accelerator further up State Street in Schenectady. Several Tech Award winners like Dumbstruck, has its office in the BizLab along with other startups. United Concierge Medicine, winner of the lift-off award, made one its first pitches at the incubator at the BizLab’s first pitch event in 2015. Civitella is planning to expand the BizLab facility and recently started with the Clarkson Business College an entrepreneurial luncheon program. With Rick D’errico managing the BizLab the accelerator has really accelerated. Thanks in large part to Antonio Civitella, Schenectady in coming to life.