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Last Chance to apply to the JumpStart Program for projects that will begin in September 2017

The application process is simple: Apply Here

All NYS small businesses are eligible

Project costs will not exceed $10,000

The CCMR provides $5,000 in matching funds

Projects last one semester (4 months)

Applications Close:  July 8, 2017!

2017 CCMR Symposium

 Thanks to all who attended the 2017 CCMR Symposium “Atomic Origami: a Technology Platform for Nanoscale Machines, Sensors, and Robots?”

Using the principles of origami, scientists are creating two-dimensional designs on polymers, metals and plastics using mathematics and, through folding, turning them into three-dimensional objects. Applications in architectural scale structures, human scale, micron scale, flying robots, little polymer structures that swell or unswell, or even structures like solar panels deploying in space, were highlighted in lectures and during the brainstorming workshops with industry attendees.