Startup-in-Residence Program

San Francisco’s Startup-in-Residence Program (STiR) which embeds fledgling technology companies inside government to solve public-sector problems has reached a plateau  by looking to expand into other cities across North America as a non-profit tech organization transitions into leading the program. STiR will be coordinating with the San Francisco “City Innovation Foundation”, a nonprofit that aims to guide local government in creating user-centered tech products. STiR has sought to connect municipal governments with startups that want to created new technologies aimed at tackling housing, transportation, environmental services, public safety and other community challenges. STiR has been the work of the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, which has partnered with governments in other cities.  It is proud of its track record which include creating solutions to help streamline foster care and give services to the homeless in real time as well as being a pioneering region in civic technology and helping local governments improve upon technological challenges. It now looks to improve government tech nationwide.

Time is very limited for cities to participate in the most immediate expansion with an RSVP deadline of Aug. 4th to submit a short form to STiR at the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation. However, prospects for this program to continue to grow are good and cities and startup facilities should take a look at the Program for future prospects.

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