Daniel T. Pickett III CEO of nfrastructure spoke at NY Biz Lab Luncheon

Dan Pickett, a Troy native and CEO of nfrastructure Technologies LLC, a provider of core-to-edge technical and managed services, spoke at the NY Biz Lab on September 14th as part of a monthly series of entreprenurial luncheon talks. In 2013, Inc. Magazine named nfrastructure to its Build 100 list of most sustained growth companies. In 2016, nfrastructure was acquired by Zones, creating a $1.5 billion global technology company with operations in Seattle, Toronto, Chicago, New York, London and New Delhi. nfrastucture operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Zones and will soon have a major headquarters in the Albany area. Zones acquisition of nfrastructure extended its robust solutions and services capabilities and will expand its global, national and Capital Region significantly.

Pickett’s talk revealed his remarkable achievements and the growing tech prospects he is helping to create in this region. He is now on the Board of Directors of RPI where he graduated.

The Biz Lab’s October luncheon is scheduled for October 19th. A speaker will be Michael Wacholder who helped start the RPI Tech Park in 1982. He implemented the vision of then RPI President George Low.