What is up with the EasternNYAngels

Eastern NY Angels is a member managed fund, founded in August 2010 by Joe Richardson and Dick Frederick. Members actively participate in fund decisions and the ongoing support of portfolio companies. Companies seeking funding are invited to apply via the links above, selected companies are then invited to pitch to the membership at monthly meetings. Investments range from $50k to $250k.

Currently, ENYA has investment portfolio of $4 million with about 10 startups receiving funds. Here are the startups receiving funds from the Angels:

  1. Vital Vio, Inc. <costello9190@gmail.com>
  2. The Paper Battery Company, Inc. <smehta@paperbatteryco.com>
  3. The Paper Battery Company, Inc. <smehta@paperbatteryco.com>
  4. Battery Energy Storage Systems Technologies, LLC <Fernando@bess-tech.com>
  5. Glauconix, Inc. <ktorreion@glauconix.com>
  6. ThermoAura, Inc. <RutvikJM@thermoaurainc>
  7. Free Form Fibers, LLC <jschneiter@fffibers.com>
  8. Hocus Locus, Inc. <Ted.eveleth@hocusllocus.com>
  9. Dumbstuck
  10. Create O&P

Besides funding ENYA is made up with tech and business knowledgeable people who can provide assistance to the startups under their wing.