Brenner Research Group at SUNY POLY

Dr. Sara Brenner, a preventative medicine physician, recently led a talk on biomedical nanotechnology at the Albany nano portion of SUNY POLY. Dr. Brenner leads an interdisciplinary team that includes staff and graduate and undergraduate students with a variety of backgrounds including physics, environmental health, industrial hygiene and toxicology. Its research portfolio addresses the integration of occupational and environmental medicine, exposure science, industrial hygiene, materials science, and metrology to investigate the human health and safety implications of exposure to engineered nano materials. Its goal is to proactively address the emerging needs of health and safety research related to engineered nano materials and to develop in real time the innovative technologies and methodologies needed to assess, monitor, and safely accelerate nanotechnology research and development world wide. Briefly stated, bio medicine is critically important as engineered nano products become increasingly manufactured and used.