From the Editor

This summer Prof. Alain Kaloyeros, the founder of the Nano College at UALBANY and the spark plug for the ability of this region to stake a claim as a “tech valley” was convicted in Federal Court in New York City. It has already been a couple of years between charges brought against him and the trial and now it may be another year or more before his appeal of his conviction gets heard and determined. In other words the wheels of justice move slowly and Albany and this region may be paying a price what is happening to Kaloyeros. His the charges that let to his conviction grew out of his work for Governor Andy Cuomo and his Buffalo Billion initiative. When Alain was asked by a radio hostess what advice did he have to the people of Buffalo regarding the Buffalo Billion he responded that they should do whatever Governor Cuomo told them to do. That is probably what Alain did and he may pay a high price for doing so if he fails in his court appeal. If he is successful in his appeal as well he might be it will be interesting to see how SUNY and UAlbany treat him if he wants to continue working in the tech world. He does have an academic position in the UAlbany¬† physics department.

A startup named CUBE is moving from the NY Biz Lab in Schenectady to a new home in Albany.

This issue of Capchips has an item on tech startup books from Silicon Valley News. Let us start our own list with books like local tech experts like Steven Lobel and Walt Robb have written.

Interns, donors and sponsors are always helpful in doing capchips and growing it. Please, my hand is out.

Finally, I will no longer be doing a monthly column for the Times Union that I started doing regularly in June 1995. Instead I have started a column blog under the domain name of Http:// Check it out.