From the Editor

FUZEHUB is now publishing a periodical “MANUFACTURING and INNOVATION”  with the first issue having been published in Fall 2018.

The Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship and the Lally School of Management at RPI honored Tobi Saulnier Ph.D. as the 2018 Rensselaer Entrepreneur of the Year. Tobi is an engineer, a gaming pioner and social entrepreneur passionate about educational gameplay. She is Founder and CEO of the 1st Playable Productions. She kept her company with under 50 employees in recognition of the spirit of a startup’s culture.

A startup named CUBE is moving from the NY Biz Lab in Schenectady to a new home in Albany.

This issue of Capchips has an item on tech startup books from Silicon Valley News. Let us start our own list with books like local tech experts like Steven Lobel and Walt Robb have written.

Interns, donors and sponsors are always helpful in doing capchips and growing it. Please, my hand is out.

Finally, I will no longer be doing a monthly column for the Times Union that I started doing regularly in June 1995. Instead I have started a column blog under the domain name of Http:// Check it out.