Jason Johnel from the Johnel Group in Schenectady Gives Talk at Biz Lab-Clarkson Luncheon

The Johnel Group is a software group with over 60 employees that does consulting, design, development and project management. It is currently upgrading a building in Schenectady to be its new home. Its has $5.5 million in revenue. Jason Johnel recently spoke at the BizLab-Clarkson Luncheon and highlighted its success at retaining its employees and his pride for the Group’s culture. Johnel Group has lost only 1 employee in the last three years saving money by avoiding turnover. Much of Jason’s talk was about the culture of his firm, that it operates the firm with a high level of transparency and in a forthright manner. The firm has a servant mentality towards its employees. As stated in its web site:

“Each employee will brainstorm a personal and professional SMART goal. Each person can discuss and review their goals with team members and executives to help identify the best goals for them. Once approved, they have a set amount of time to crush both of their goals.

We will continue this exercise semi-annually and eventually we’ll build up an archive of amazing people doing amazing things.”