From the Editor

Some thoughts on Capchips

Capchips has been published monthly for more than three years. It is one of many tech news web sites in tech centers across the nation. Before it started outreach for support from some tech leaders in this region were made and promises were returned. Sad to say none of the promises were kept and no advertising or donations have been made to capchips. The only support has been a couple of interns from UAlbany, one who was very good and another who had too many other things on his mind. As a web site on the internet I have received positive comments about capchips and our tech region from across the nation. A couple of emails from Portland, Oregon expressed surprise at the scope and innovation of tech activity in this region which they thought was a deteriorating industrial region.

I recently saw an email from the head of a successful tech based corporation in our region who was bemoaning the fact that we needed more skilled tech workers in our region. He was afraid that with Amazon coming big time into New York City it would draw workers away from our region to work at Amazon. Maybe that will happen, but Amazon is not the only draw for young workers to head for New York City. For example, go to 16th Street and 9th Avenue in Manhattan and you will see on one side of the street a block size Google building and across the street from it Google has bought a block size building that still is the Chelsea Market but will ultimately be another vast Google space.

My view of this region as a tech ecosystem is that the potential is great, but the reality is that while there are many tech silos like the Wadsworth Center, the former Nano College, now SUNY PI, RPI, Transfinder, HVCC, TV COG and so on and so forth, the Tech flag does not fly high enough for even local residents to realize what we have as a Tech center. So the young people I know in our communities are heading for New York City and if I were in their place I would also be heading for the Big City where I was a law student at Columbia Law School.

I do capchips because I enjoy doing it, but I don’t know how long that will last if the Tech powers that be don’t wake up and support Capchips with a donation, underwriting or advertising (perhaps for workers). I hope you take this to heart.