Plug Power Moving Ahead

Plug Power was one of the first leaps forward in tech development. It has had its ups and down over the years since its establishment, but now seems to be on move upward through amongst other things mergers.

We’ve built a special business at Plug Power, rooted in our belief that the world is driving toward an electric future.  We started by building a market where one didn’t exist before – in the material handling space.  Now we’re broadening our vision to include a world that includes hydrogen cities – where electric airport delivery vehicles, electric package delivery vans, sea port cargo equipment, passenger vehicles and more are all powered by hydrogen and fuel cells – Plug Power hydrogen and fuel cells. It’s happening – and Plug Power is leading the way through our focus on reliability, innovation and excellence.

We’re the partner our growing list of customers trust to help take their business into the future.  And this spirit will continue to power their possibilities even as we change the way the world moves.

Andy Marsh