“StartupUp Tech Valley Reworked”

StartUp Tech Valley Reworked
It’s time to get excited for the Season 8 of Startup Tech Valley. No, we won’t be able to run our traditional meetups for the foreseeable future, but would still like to get the community together to do what it does best…help each other.
We have thought about launching a virtual community to go along with the Startup Tech Valley events for quite a while. Well the time has come. 
The goal of the Impactful Innovators community will be to create a place which supports all parts of the entrepreneurship process, including:
1. Pitches. We are moving the 2020 season of Startup Tech Valley here. Each month we will be highlighting a few startups you can explore at your own pace.
2. Inspiration. We will post weekly talks associated with a Rensselaer course called Impactful Innovators
3. Jobs/Skills. Looking to hire interns or seasoned professionals? Have some skills and want to let others know about them? We will provide a space to post your skills and opportunities as we did in the lobby at Revolution Hall.
4. Student Projects. Have a project you want help with from students? Let us know and we will help match you with instructors at Rensselaer interested in experiential learning for their students.
5.Networking. While we know networking online isn’t the same as in-person, we are open to suggestions on how best to incorporate this important part of our community into this new virtual environment.
We will be hosting the community on Discord. While we know there are lots of options out there, Discord offers a lot of free functionality for community support. It has the same functionality as Slack/Teams/etc. plus students are using it.
Our plan is to provide the same high quality pitches you love in this online setting. It won’t be “live” or “in person,” but it will be there whenever you have time to see what is going on in the startup community. This may make it easier for busy professionals and investors to stay engaged.
STAY TUNED for info on joining the Impactful Innovators community!
FOR NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP FINDING PRESENTERS FOR SEASON 8. Share this email with companies you know and have them sign up to present at the link below.