Generating PR for your Startup

From the Editor: There are many individuals and groups that wish to startup a tech corporation. If you are a reader of capchips you will see who is undertaking an effort to be a start up. This is very difficult to do successfully and for that reasons you may see articles in capchips to offer advice to startups. PMB

The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Generating PR for Your Startup

Denise Quashie
Jun 18 · 4 min read
Launching a startup means playing tons of roles — including the hype person. And while it can seem like there’s no more natural PR rep for a company than the person who started it, founders can make plenty of slip ups that wind up getting startups noticed for the wrong reasons.

Don’t oversell.

Don’t send a PR blast to hundreds of journalists.

Don’t think everything is news.

Don’t forget about the free resources.

Don’t go overboard on social.