New Season for Startup Tech Valley in Troy

Online Community Launched
While we won’t be able to run our traditional meetups for the foreseeable future, we would still like to get the community together to do what it does best…help each other.
We are happy to launch our new Impactful Innovators @Rensselaer, @Tech Valley, and Beyond community using Discord. A platform encouraging relationships, inspiration and conversations (both live and remote).
Login, create a profile and introduce yourself in the introductions channel. Visit the other channels and comment, ask a question or post an opportunity you have. Seek co-founders, post your skill set while seeking an internship or job, or share an event that you are hosting.
The goal of the Impactful Innovators community is to create a place which supports all parts of the entrepreneurship process across New York’s Tech Valley.
The conversation has already started, so join in the Impactful Innovators community today.
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